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Saving people, hunting pie, the family business

The name is Kiia but you can (and I will make you) call me Minttu. I'm fifteen and from Finland.
Klaine is endgame and I love my cat. Everyone needs a little bit of wincestiel in their life (ノ。◕‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I like gay and i like my gay hardcore gay, so while this blog is not a ~porn blog~ there probably will be some nudity and dicks now and then.
If you're afraid of spoilers this is not the right blog for you. I love spoilers and will post them until I die.

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    Don’t tell me this
    sucks for you too.

    a killer cannot sue
    for the bruises
    on his knuckles

    or the blood
    on his shoes.

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    I won’t take selfies with other people y’all don’t know my angles

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    I explain supernatural seasons 
    Season 1: Actually Scary 
    Season 2: A lot of Soul Selling 
    Season 3: Sam is sad and so am I 
    Season 4: Oh THERE’S Cas 
    Season 5: A good “Ending” 
    Season 6: Castiel gets mad and then I do 
    Season 7: Filler and Mitt Romney 
    Season 8: Please stop torturing Sam Winchester please just stop 
    Season 9: Sam is dead on the inside and so am I 

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    I’ve always been a private person. I’m totally extroverted, but I’m selectively outgoing.

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    how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.

    like isn’t just like having sex idgi?

    This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.

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    Glee Performances

    5.15 Bash: ‘Not While I’m Around’ - Blaine Anderson

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    I challenge the Supernatural fandom to find a gif that accurately represents the Sherlock fandom.



    Now it would be great that the Sherlock fandom showed us the true identity of the Supernatural fandom via a gif.


    this is beautiful

    i feel we really understand eachother

    How about one that describes us both?



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